RYSA Refund Policy:

  All requests for refunds must be made by the family, not the coach, in writing and sent to our board by email or mail.
      - By Mail:   RYSA, PO Box 833, Randolph, Ma. 02368
      - By Email:  RYSA Registrar

  A full refund less $15 administrative fees will be given for requests made by March 1(spring) or August 15(Fall).
  Adminstrative fees include the fee for the player's insurance through MYSA and the registration fee from AdminSports, neither of which RYSA gets reimbursed.

  60% refund will be given for requests made by March 15(spring) or August 22(fall).

  No refunds will be given after these dates except for:
      - A medical issue preventing the player from playing the season.
      - Player is moving out of town prior to the season. Please include the new address with your request.
      - A team is unavailable for the player to play on. Examples: Lack of coach or players.