RYSA 2018 Spring Travel information and FAQ's

What is Travel soccer?
RYSA travel teams play in the South Shore Soccer League (SSSL). Games will be played either at "home" (Belcher Park) or "away" where we wil travel to one of those towns' designated fields.Teams you should expect to find in the SSSL include Abington, Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, East Bridgewater, Easton, Hanson, Holbrook/Avon, North Attleboro, Quincy, Raynham, Rockland, Sharon, South Boston, Stoughton and most recently Acushnet and Mattapoisett/Marion/Rochester.
Formal practices may begin as early as December/January, with the season itself starting in early April and runs into June.
Why are we including "Winter" in the name if it's a Spring Travel team?
We are requiring just about all of our travel teams to participate in at least 1 indoor Winter league "session" (as sort of a pre-season preparation). Typically, most indoor leagues have 2 "sessions": Session 1 typically starts in November and Session 2 starts in late January/February (playing about 8 games each session). RYSA will pay for HALF of ONE session (and so we're including the price of the other half in our registration). Some teams/coaches may decide to play in TWO sessions --- if that's the case, teams will pay for that out-of pocket.

What age groups? Who's coaching?
This year we intend to have the following teams with these possible coaches (these are not final):
  • *Boys Grade 3 team
  • Boys Grade 4 team
  • Boys Grade 5/6 team
  • Boys Grade 7/8 team
  • Boys Grade 9-12 team
  • *Girls Grade 3 team
  • Girls Grade 4 team
  • Girls Grade 5/6 team
  • Girls Grade 7/8 team
  • Girls Grade 9-12 team
*Grade 3 teams may accept a few 2nd graders (only if qualified/necessary or if there's room!).
If there are not enough players to form separate 3rd and 4th grade teams, they would have to be combined into a single Grade 3/4 team.
Who makes the team?
Players on travel teams are selected based on their travel team and overall soccer experience criteria and known abilities, as we try to create the most competitive Randolph team possible. Players are selected after an as-thorough and as-objective an evaluation process as reasonably possible. Game evaluations and tryouts help us with that. We go through considerable lengths to make that decision as fair as possible and removing as much bias and conflicts of interests as much as possible -- especially if cuts need to be made. Travel team experience is also a critical factor (especially in cases of older players not playing in the Fall), but being on a Travel Team in the past is no guarantee that you're back on a Travel Team in the future. Our objective is to field the best team possible and is the best representation of that age group. We are discouraging younger players, however skilled, to play up on older teams (even if they are needed there) Yes, we also want to develop future players too.

What do interested players (and parents) have to do?
Let your coach and team evaluators know that you're interested -- especially during the the 2- to 3-week game evaluation period in the Fall. In early November (ideally, November 1st), you will be notified by the travel team coach or the league whether you made the team or are on a "waiting list" If you are selected, you should "register" as soon as possible.
If I make the team, why is registering as soon as possible so important?
On December 1st, we have to submit our "preliminary" roster to the SSSL. There needs to be enough players on that roster to make a viable team (so a roster of just 3 names will not be accepted). Although preliminary rosters are due on December 1, many teams will need to be created by mid-November for the Winter league games. And so, any players who would normally be on a waiting list may be called upon to register at that time. The point here is that, anyone who has been selected to make the travel team, should "register" as soon as possible or they risk losing their spot to someone else, regardless of their talent or playing ability.
The sooner you register also gives you more time to spread out payments for anyone selecting the payment plan option (available via credit cards only, for now).

We are looking to get NEW travel team uniforms by the Springtime (stay tuned) and we're hoping you can have it ordered and shipped directly to you.
Indoor (Winter) League games:
    • We are looking to again participate in an indoor league and teams have to decide whether they do 2 sessions or 1.
      • The 1st session would start in November and run to early January (and we would have to pay for it on our own, out-of-pocket).
      • The 2nd session (MANDATORY!) would be start in late January or February and finish in March. The RYSA is willing to pay for half of that session. This could determine whether you play in a nicer facility or a not-as-nice facility.
Because all of the above costs money, consider registering early (close to when registration opens) and consider the monthly payment plan an option (so you can spread it out over more months). I expect, like last year prices should be:
    • about $150 for Spring registration, which includes your half of the "session 2" indoor league and we could set that up with a monthly payment plan (via credit card only). That essentially pays for 2 "seasons" of soccer ( a winter session and the spring season).
    • about $45 to $55 for the new uniforms, which would be separate and out-of-pocket expense (we're trying to not be the "middle-man" with uniforms, and so it may get shipped directly to you).
    • If your team has a coach/players interested in playing Session 1, most places charge about $900-$1100 per "team" (so that could be anywhere from $50 to $100 each depending on how many players are on the team and where you play). This would also be out-of-pocket; no payment plan.


SSSL links: Zero Tolerance Policy | Coaches Code of Conduct | Online towns|Online Maps | Travel Schedules

Spring In-Town "Juniors" Soccer Season

For a third year, Randolph youth soccer will offer an in-town soccer program for players that are too young to participate in the Spring Travel team program. As we look to make soccer in Randolph more of a year-round activity, this program is great for those players looking to learn, play, and keep up their soccer skills without having to wait until the Fall! All games will be played in Randolph and any practices are intended to be limited to just before game-time